The "Costumes of Middle Earth" project is something I've always wanted to do. It originated from the "Ladies of Middle Earth" project, but in the meantime it includes also men, so I came to call it "Costumes of Middle Earth" (CoME) instead.

There are so many characters throughout Tolkien's works, especially in my favourite The Silmarillion, who play a great role in the history of Middle Earth. Unfortunately, many of these characters are never clearly described or just vaguely characterized by a few words.

Especially on the elven side, there are lots of interesting characters. I've always imagined what these people would look like, and especially what they would *wear*. For expample, there's the 'White Lady' Aredhell or Idril Celebríndal who is said to be clad only in silver and white. Miriel's name is also "The broideress", for she was known for her excellent needlework - wouldn't that be an occasion for an intricately beaded gown? And what would the robe of Elbereth, the star-queen look like?

I imagined it'd be much fun to experiment a bit with Tolkien's descriptions and base my ideas and designs on them.

So far, I've only produced one dress, the Lúthien Gown, which sort of initiated the project. Of course it'll be a long way since there are so many other things to finish first, but every now and then when I feel compelled to design my own stuff, there's the possibility that another costume of Middle Earth comes into being... :-)

Here are some of the characters that are of interest to me
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'This is my son Maeglin' ©Kasiopea 'Young Galadriel' ©Norma Peters 'Ill-gotten son' ©Kasiopea 'Galadriel and the Mirror' ©Donato Giancola 'Lúthien Tinúviel' ©Ted Nasmith 'Thingol and Melian'  ©unknown 'The passage of Miriel' © MagicMyth 'Star Queen' ©unknown 'Yavanna' ©Natalia Nikitin
Aredhel Ar-Feiniel

The white Lady of Gondolin


Daughter of Galadriel and wife of Elrond

Idril Celebríndal

The Silverfoot


... of the Vanyar

Lúthien Tinúviel

The nightingale



The Maia

Miriel Serindë

The broideress

Varda Elentari

The Star Queen


The giver of fruits

'Fëanor' ©Ivanneth 'Maedros & Fingon' ©Ivanneth 'Maglor son of Fëanor' © Jenny Dolfen

more to come
Mightiest of the Noldor

in progress
Maedhros The Tall
The mighty singer




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Catherine Karina Chmiel (Kasiopea)

Jenny Dolfen

Ted Nasmith

Natalia Nikitin

Donato Giancola

MagicMyth on DeviantArt

Norma Peters on Elfwood

Other Sources:

I believe the image for Melian might come from this place: Finnish Tolkien Art website. I'm not sure though as I don't understand much Finnish, but this is about the only place where this picture appears.



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