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March 6th

Whoops - no update for almost 6 months, and now they come on a daily basis *g* But this is good news.

I've just returned from the LotR Exhibit which takes place in Berlin at the moment, and I brought back a huge load of
notes and drawings. I've got to re-draw them all properly and get some kind of order into my notes, then I'll post them here (and hopefully, I'll find time to post the sketches I did at the London Exhibit 4 years ago ).

Sketches include:

* Arwen's Coronation Crown (detailed description and drawings of the beading)
* Elrond's Crown
* Arwen's Coronation Gown (Upper sleeve trim pattern sketch)
* Coronation Banner
* Hope Gown Swatch
* Prologue Elven Armor (Sketches of vambraces, fake chainmail fabric pattern, cloak wrapping technique; pattern of spear)
* Númenórean Soldier (Tunic, helmet, belt buckle and belt ends)
* Two Númenórean Banners
* Patterns of all leatherwork pieces of Legolas' costume (vambraces, belts, quiver)
* Elrond Prologue Armor Pauldrons (Sketch of pattern)
* Crowns of the Kings of Men (4 general drawings)
* Witchking Crown
* Gil-galad: Sketch of a part of the trim on Aiglos (spear)
* Haldir's sword-sheath (complete pattern, large sketch)
* Nazgûl (Black Rider) trim on overrobe (pattern sketch)
* Saruman belt embroidery sketch
* Gil-galad: Sketch of the design on his shield (large sketch)

Plus a few further notes on Galadriel, Gandalf, Celeborn, the Haradrim, the Gondorian Soldier and much more....

I tried to concentrate on costumes and details that haven't been studied yet as often as for example the Coronation Gown or Requiem or Galadriel.

And it's not the last time I was there, so if anyone wants me to look at anything in particular, drop me a note!


March 1st, 2007

I am not yet through with adding all the pictures and updating all the sections, but I felt that I really really have to get this new page online asap. So, I will add everything that's still missing in due course over the next few weeks - please be patient! Thanks :-)

Yep, it's been a while again - I'm terrible, I know. BUT this time, it was hard work! I re-built the Faery part of my website completely, and major parts of Valinor as well. As you probably see, I've finally added a proper navigation! I still couldn't bring myself to change my whole site to a frame-based system, 'cause that'd mean I'd have to settle down for one background color, or live with an ugly black frame around most pages - and I love my colorful pages that I design according to the respective costume. So, I hope this navigation will do.

Now, let me explain the new things....

First, I've shifted everything not related to LotR movie- or bookwise over to Faery! Means, all my medieval/historical gowns are over there, all the fantasy stuff I've done, but also other movie costumes that I've made / am making / planning / whatever. So for those of you who are just interested in the LotR stuff, you can completely ignore Faery, as it has its own news index and all of you who are interested in my other stuff can check there what's new.

Also, the Glittering Caves and my Wallpaper page have moved over to Faery and can be found there under "Miscellanea", as they've got nothing to do with costumes, really, though they are LotR-related.

Photos of events, also LotR events such as RingCon, will still be in the event galleries over at Faery though. The new navigation there should make it easy for you to find everything (I hope).

There are also some new infos, like an About Me page, since I was asked for one...

As for Valinor here...

There's now a whole site completely dedicated to the Topps Costume Cards, and from there on you'll get to the ones I own and descriptions + scans thereof.

I've also re-structured the former "Ladies of Middle Earth" page, now called "Costumes of Middle Earth" because there are a lot of male costumes to come. First of them is my interpretation of Fëanor which is currently in progress, so check it out!

On with the updates, here's the project that ate most of my time in 2006 (the one that kept me from updating *g*): I am so proud to present you Elrond's Prologue Armor!

Staying with the subject of armor, a new section on this site is dedicated to Props and non-costume items from the movies, of which I have made a lot as well, like for example some High Elven Helmets and a Rivendell Gardens Statue (not open yet, pictures will follow).

Another new section is for Banners, and here we have two new additions, a Banner of Númenor (Second Age Gondorian) and the banner that Elrond carries as Herald to Gil-galad as seen in a concept drawing.

I finished Elrond's Charcoal Drape (scroll down for pics) and Council Sash (scroll to the bottom of the page).

A new write-up deals with Elrond's "Hope Drape" that I haven't made yet but analyzed.

Then, there was RingCon from November 11th-13th, photos are here, and because I was among the active people this year and we staged a performance with a group of 48 people, re-enacting the Battle of the Last Alliance, you will find a little report about that soon here on Very Faery, as well as some photos and a video on the official site of our group,!!!

With these major projects this year, and two operations in a row on my foot that left me unable to walk for a good 4 weeks each time, there was hardly any time for anything else. I have, though, finally finished the sash for my Farewell Dress. The dress itself is of course long finished (I've worn it three times already), and just recently the still missing soutache embroidery was done. I have made a second page with pictures of the finished dress and sash here.

And on top of it all, I was lucky to find sandwashed Habotai silk in white, which means I can finally start on my White WETA Dress! In progress pictures will be posted on the respective page.

Last but not least I have made a new FAQ and Disclaimer page and updated the Link List!

PHEW! Have fun with all that new stuff!

For those who still haven't got enough *g*, here's a list of all current "still-to-do"-projects that I want to finish the next weeks.

* Collar on Charcoal Drape
* Finally finish soutache embroidery on Elrond's Salmon Robe
* Change sleeves and bodice on the Idril Celebrindal Gown (includes beading on bodice).
* Alter my Sea Elf Gown (make a belt and headdress to go with it)

The list for new costumes for 2007 has grown quite respectable already, too.....
(yes, I do actually have a life besides all the costumes...err...where did I put it, wait a minute... *lol*)

* Matching grey sash for the Salmon Robe when worn with the Charcoal Drape
* Fëanor shoes and jewelry
* New project: Arwen's White WETA Dress
* New project: Galadriel's Mirror Dress
* New project: Corsair of Umbar Costume
* New project: Twilight Witchking (This is going to get interesting!)

And finally....the results of the last poll were interesting, too. So most of you like the costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean, eh?

Okay, before all that non-LotR stuff goes forever down to Faery, let me tell you one last thing....there's a secret project for 2007 that is more than just a little PotC-related. Don't wanna to say too much yet, I'll post it on Faery as soon as it's an issue, but I'll just tell you that I need it for the premiere of the film on May 25th and it's going to be way cool....savvy?

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