One of the most interesting things throughout the trilogy are the banners. They are everywhere! In the prologue, in Helm's Deep, in the battle of the Pelenor Fields, in the throne rooms in Edoras and Minas Tirith. The Elves have stuffed Rivendell with banners...

Some of them - no, most of them are beautiful creations that are worth more than just a look. Not only Arwen's famous Coronation Banner or the Rivendell Wall hanging, though they are of course among the most exquisite ones. But there are also amazing designs in the Art-of-books; designs that were either never realised or
are only seen for some seconds.

I have taken a closer look at some of them and recreated a few; and I plan to make more in the future. It's not only fun and relaxing work, but banners also make a great decoration for your room instead of the usual posters ;-)


Banners I have made so far


2nd Age Númenórean Banner
Elrond's Herald Banner (Concept Art Version)

Arwen's Coronation Banner (not open yet)

In Progress

Arwen's Rivendell Wall Hanging (Bedroom Banner)



Various ideas for banners / banners I want to make etc.

I recently bought this beaded fringe trim on eBay, thinking I could maybe use it for Arwen's Bedroom Banner

It's a beautiful trim. The seller is called Essentially English. Unfortunately, I noticed later that the Rivendell Wall Hanging doesn't have a continuous trim but just some single beads hanging from the lower edges (appearing to be Swarovski Crystal drops). However, since I think this trim is beautiful, and very elven looking, I might just use it for another banner inspired by the Rivendell Wall Hanging, or an alternate version thereof...


More on Banners

An interview with Lesley Earl-Templeton (Textile Designer on LotR), Official Fanclub magazine #5, Oct./Nov. 2002
Excerpt: About banners

Above: Elven Banner
Below: Banner for Dol Amroth

On Arwen's Wedding Banner (i.e. Coronation Banner) and Arwen's Rivendell Wall Hanging:

Question: Can you take us through the process from beginning to end? What piece are you most proud of?

L.E.T.: [...] The one that stands out for me, though, is Arwen's wedding banner. It was the very last thing I did. [...] It was a chance to do something different from what we had been doing, using a slightly different farbic. I was able to pull in all the techniques that I had gathered in the year and a half that I had been working on the films.
Arwen's banner came to me through Alan Lee, who brought me his designs. [...] Arwen's wedding banner is quite a special prop, which is why I consulted
with Alan Lee more than I would on the other projects; some projects wouldn't require discussion with Alan. But, in this case, we came back probably three or four times to choose the color - we were going to have the silk dyed just right. I would pick out all the basic elements that make up the visual aspects of the banner - stars, flowers and trees, Elven vines etc. - and do a small fabric sample of each of those components. [...]
The banner was beautiful hand-dyed silk. The vines were hand-painted in a silvery-gray and then stitched up each side so they looked like something that was applied onto the fabric. The stars on the banner were leather, and I embroidered them with my machine. The tree was all white silk and embroidered - again with a machine - but all of those machine-embroidery techniques are made to look as if they were done by hand. The tree was then applied to the fabric. Lastly, these tiny little soft leather flowers were lightly glued on. Everything had to look as if it was stitched and layered - with the ultimate appearance of it being handmade.
I think Arwen's wedding banner was the most beautiful thing I worked on.

Question: Was it also the most difficult?

L.E.T.: No, but it was the most satisfying. The most challenging thing I've worked on is what I did last week: I worked on Arwen's wall hanging for her bedroom at Rivendell. That was big! It was huge and it utilized a really fine piece of fabric. It was 2 meters wide by 1.8 meters high. It was made of silk, which I had to do a hand-wash on. Right from the beginning, it had to be beautiful. It was three panels and shows the boat leaving for Grey Havens. It has the sea at the bottom and the golden boat sailing off and two gorgeous silvery white trees sweeping up with their branches sort of holding the sun and the moon. It is stunning. It has these gorgeous silver vines that are smothered in silver leaves; they are all embroidered on.

Question: Do you embroider all of these things?

L.E.T.: Yes, I embroidered most of them.

Question: How much time would you estimate you spent working on the banner for Arwen's bedroom?

L.E.T.: That took me over two weeks.

The two banners to the left were pictured with the interview. I think they look interesting, especially the Dol Amroth one. Might be worth a recreation.... ;-)



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