2. The "Sewables": Undergarments, Skirt, Cloak
2.1. Undergarments: Pants & Shirt
2.2. Skirt
2.3. Cloak

3. Armor
3.1. Pattern
3.2. Material

4. Hip Armor

5. Chest Armor
6. Pauldrons
7. Vambraces
8. Chainmail

9. Accessories
9.1. Brooches & Pendant
9.2. Boots
9.3. Belt & Gloves
9.4. Sword & Scabbard
9.5. Hair

My finished armor

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Article on the Elven Armor with some nice details about Elrond and Gil-galad, from LotR Fanclub-Magazine Issue #
(in the write-up also referred to as 'Interview with Richard Taylor')


Quick Description (Details are to be found in the respective section)

Elrond's Armor, like the generic 2nd age elf armor, consists of 4 parts: Chest Armor, Hipskirt, Pauldrons and Armguards.
That's the 4 basic pieces of the armor, everything else, like chainmail, is extra.

He also wears a fair amount of clothing. The underlayers consist of a (blue) shirt and (green) pants (probably in petal-wrap style). There might be yet another layer underneath, but we do not know that for certain. Over the pants go the brown leather lace-up boots.
Over all that goes a skirt of green silk with a leaf print.

Next comes the chainmail. Several different facts have led me to believe that Elrond is *not* wearing a chainmail hauberk, i.e. not a full chainmail shirt. At least the collar is extra, and so is _p r o b a b l y_ the piece at the front of the skirt, though that one *might* be attached to the chainmail shirt with the sleeves.

Over that goes the chest armor, hipskirt and pauldrons. Also the wrist guards (vambraces) and gloves, but it's recommended you put these on last when you're wearing this,- you'll see why later.

Then comes the chainmail collar and pendant, next the cloak, which is fastened with a brooch on each shoulder (probably not only with these, but we'll see).

Last is a piece of green silk wrapped around the middle and held by a cross-wise brown leather belt with burnt-in leaf motives, to which is fastened the scabbard for Hadhafang.

So, in the order in which you would put this on, we have:

* Shirt and pants
* Boots
* Skirt
* Chainmail shirt or hauberk
* Armor
* Chainmail collar + pendant
* Cloak + Brooches
* Silk sash and belt, scabbard
* Gloves, vambraces

Ready? Then let's go...

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