Bring forth the Ring, Frodo.

Elrond changes drape and sash for the Council. The new drape is much more formal, as it is longer and more elaborate. The charcoal drape is probably what he wears around the house ;-)

The drape is very loosely fit. At first I thought it didn't have sleeves at all but was just a giant rectangular piece of fabric, but both the designsketch and some material in the appendices showed the drape with sleeves.

Underneath the Council drape is the salmon robe that we have discussed already. He wears a circlet for this scene, and some beautiful elven leather boots that we have not seen before, but which were probably already under the Grey Drape.

The Council drape itself is made from a beautiful silk velvet dyed a mixture between rust and burgundy/ cranberry. It is not just one of these colors, but the color seems to change with the light. One time it's more rust, then more cranberry. I guess they used a silk/rayon velvet where the pile is rayon and the backing silk, so you can dye the pile another color than the silk. If the silk is darker than the pile, it will shimmer through; if the silk is dyed a lighter shade than the pile, it will create nice highlight-effects.

There's fabric etching on the shoulders (sleeves) and down the back of the drape and also on the collar, but I haven't yet figured out the pattern of this one. Detailed sketches of the arm and back etchings can be found over at Alleycatscratch.

Getting Elrond dressed for the Council

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It all starts out with a pair of cranberry colored silk trousers in petal wrap style. Probably with an elastic waistband.
The trousers get tucked into leather boots, elven style. Here's a good instruction how to make such boot wraps, or, if you've got some money left, have them made at Ringstyle's.
Next comes the salmon robe (and probably an undershirt that we don't have a trace of, it is just showing a little at the sleeves) and a sash. The first part of a sash! We don't know if all of Elrond's sashes are constructed that way, with a belt and separate streamers, but most likely they are. In this case, the belt closes in front and the closure will be hidden by the streamer.
Then comes the belt streamer (which has got silver embroidery on it) and the council robe. The sleeves of the robe are lined in a beautiful metallic brocade that has lots of reds and golds in it. The sleeve will be folded over, so that a small part of this lining shows. The robe also has a high necked collar, but not as stiff as the underrobe's collar. This one is softer and also longer...basically the council drape looks like a bathrobe ;-)
Back of the robe. You can see a center seam, so this is made of at least 2 parts, probably 4. Not sure if the robe has a train of some sort or if it's just too long.
Back etching, with the center back seam clearly visible and also a good view on the collar.
Sleeve etching and collar side view.

More images

Here you can see the olive-golden lining when you look at his left sleeve

This picture shows the different colors within the robe - from red and orange to cranberry and rust

The robe closes with a little ribbon on the chest; but you can also wear it our model Elrond demonstrates ;-)

A look on the robe from behind, and also on Elrond's elaborate hairstyle. The etching on the sleeve looks like it has been over-dyed with something to make it stand out.

A BTS pic from the FotR EE.


The Council Robe was fun to make! I used Butterick 4050, View A (upper left design), without the hood and with slight alterations to the sleeves.

The robe itself is made of 9 yards of silk velvet, dyed bronze, then burgundy, then red, and overdyed from the inside with physalis.

We etched the designs before dyeing and cutting the velvet, which is a bit risky 'cause with that many dye sessions, the fabric shrinks. So the cloak became about 10 inches shorter in the end, but that wasn't really a problem because it still trails behind me and I step on it when I walk ;-)

The sleeves are lined with some really old, gorgeous heavy brocade. It has gold threads all woven through, and little reddish flowers. It's not the pattern of the original brocade, but at least the colors are close, and it looks great. Here are some images of the brocade in different lights:

    It has a beautiful border also
Back and front view

I sewed a small stripe of this brocade on the outside of the sleeves, so that it's a kind of "false fold-over", and another small one on the inside, to cover the silk velvet backing when the arms are raised. When the sleeves are hanging down, like on the dressform, the silk backing still shows. I've got to do something against that, but I don't have more of the brocade. I found one that is similar in color and pattern, just not quite as old and heavy, and I'm going to line the rest of the sleeves with that as far as it's possible. The sleeves already weigh a ton, and I'm afraid another lining will be too much weight for the shoulder seams. We'll see....

Back etching - I have to take a better pic, you can't really see the lower part here
Sleeve etching
Sleeve etching

Original and copy :-)

As you can see, the inside of the sleeves is still unlined here as I hadn't enough time to fix that before RingCon. Also, the drape is too burgundy here. The correct color can be seen on the first of the small images above, on the dressform. The headdress, as always, is from Makis.

With the salmon robe underneath

Lord Elrond inspects the elven tent at RingCon 2005 ;-)

Photoshoot: Elrond and Erestor at the library in Rivendell (taken at Elf Fantasy Fair 2006)


I've finally finished the matching sash for the Salmon Robe, but havent had the opportunity yet to wear both together

The sash is made from two types of Dupioni silk, the belt from 'bordeux' and the streamers from 'cherry red', 'cause, if you look closely, there's two different colors in Elrond's sash as well. Also, the embroidery was done as a mirror image. It's almost the same than on Arwen's Farewell sash, with a few very minor differences (a sketch will follow soon). The main difference is that Arwen's sash has the embroidery on front & back of the streamers in the same direction (starting from the lower left corner) whereas on Elrond's sash, the back of the streamer is a mirror image - the embroidery starts in the lower right corner (check the DVD stills above).

I'll have to take some pictures of the completed Council outfit soon....


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