(aka: Pale Lavender Outfit)


Phew! Now that was something with this drape...

After looking through *a lot* of pictures and browsing through Elrond's section over at Alleycat about 100 times or so...I finally came to a conclusion.

There are two light grey/silver drapes that Elrond wears.

One of them appears in the "Hope" sequence in TTT and when he watches the Elves leaving Rivendell, plus in a cut scene (in Lórien?) shortly after. This is the one that will be discussed here. Both times, Elrond wears the high necked black-and-silver diamond brocade robe underneath, which will be discussed separately.

The other light grey/silver drape is the Coronation/Grey Havens drape which is an entirely different one.

And don't confuse this with the dark grey drape with the silver sleeve lining from the Blood Red scene. Heh.

Back to the silver drapes.

Since we know from different sources (audio commentary) that there is a storyline "Arwen and Elrond travel to Lothlórien to meet with Galadriel and Celeborn" that was actually filmed, but deleted later and replaced by the strange "telepathy" scene between Elrond and Galadriel in TTT, this fits costume-wise, too. The deleted storyline was to come right after the "Hope" scene in TTT, so that's why here and in the deleted Lórien scene Elrond wears the same outfit (Drape and underrobe).

So, let's call this one the Hope Drape so we don't mess things up. The Hope Drape appears in the following scenes (visual learner over here...):

"There is still hope" - The Two Towers


Detail shots from the Hope scene

Something strange happened on the way from Arwen's room to the balcony, or: did Elrond change clothes?

The next scene follows closely after the 'Hope' scene...but do you notice something?

The elves leaving Rivendell (Elrond on the balcony)

Yes - good old Elrond is suddenly wearing his circlet and the Salmon Robe! Compare the embroidery on the underrobe on the last pic! Also, this robe has a higher collar - it's definitely not the black-and-silver diamond robe.

Since this scene is followed by the 'telepathy' sequence between Elrond and Galadriel, I believe that this was not originally there. It might have come into existence when the plot line about Elrond and Arwen going to Lórien was erased. Since it's only Elrond on the balcony and no one else, this was easy to shoot and put into the film later, when the other stuff was cut. And seeing that Elrond has so many outfits that look all the same, the wardrobe department got a bit confused on this one and mixed up stuff that doesn't belong together. My theory anyway.


Cut scene: In Lothlórien or on the way to Lothlórien

Actually I believe that the scene above shows Elrond not yet in Lórien, but maybe on the way there, or trying to convince Arwen to go there,
because he's wearing only the robe. In Lórien itself he wears a drape over a robe which we can't see:

Elrond and his papa-in-law...
This *might* be the Hope Drape, through a color filter. The sleeves would definitely match. It might also be the 'Arch outfit' which we still have to research, so I'll leave this open for the moment....

So, why do I believe that this is not the same drape as the Coronation/Grey Havens Drape? There are many points:

Grey Havens / Coronation Drape

* Silver (Bourette?) silk. Sleeve lining turned outward (cuffs)
*different type of sleeve
* Embroidery on yoke front


Hope Drape

* Darker Sleeve Lining (may be just the back side of the fabric)
* No cuffs
* Sleeve longer than floor-length, different style
* No embroidery, less fancy than Coronation Drape
* Different closure and slightly different collar


We have now clarified which drape is which, so let's move on to the description of the Hope Drape.

Basically, this is cut in the same way as the Council Drape or the Charcoal Drape, just a tad slimmer, not quite as full as the Council Velvet for example. A good basic pattern for this Drape would again be either Simplicity 4942, View A or Butterick 4050, View A or D. If you use the Butterick pattern, which is for a cloak actually, just make your pieces not as wide as they are given on the pattern. The sleeves are pretty good on the Butterick one, they would just need a little lengthening.

As for the fabric

This is a difficult fabric to nail down. I'm not actually 100% sure what it is. On some pictures, it appears plain silver and the fabric looks like Bourette (Shantung) or Dupioni silk; on others I think I can see a sort of pattern and the fabric looks like some patterned jacquard to me (esp. on the detail pics above - but it might also just be the light). Since the Coronation Robe is also made from a rather plain silver silk fabric (well....'plain' is relative. Nothing's really simple when it comes to the elves, but for now...it'll do), I suggest making this one from a fabric that is predominantly silver, but has some slight pattern or structure. I don't think it'd be wrong though to just make this out of silvery grey / pale silver lavender / pale silver blueish dupioni silk.

When worn with the black-and-silver diamond robe, there appears to be only one layer - the robe - underneath.

Any shirts that may or may not be there are hidden by the mandarin collar of the robe, so we can't tell. I'd suggest though that there is the same structure of underclothes as in the other costumes; i.e. he's wearing wide harem-style petal wrap pants and a shirt. Remember that only layers will give this costume its depth, so having a plain elven shirt and a pair of trousers at the ready is never wrong :-)

When worn with the Salmon Robe underneath, there are three layers (look at the sleeves):

That's the drape, the Salmon Robe and a shirt. Pure speculation if this is the same shirt that goes underneath the diamond robe.

The costume was on display at the famous Te Papa 2006 exhibition in New Zealand. The pics are too fuzzy to see any details, but a few things are clear.I'm putting these next to each other although they are rather big. This is the original photo and a Photoshop corrected version.



The Hope Drape closes with two frog closures that look a bit like Chinese figure-8-knots to me. There's a million of elaborate, elven looking knotting techniques in Chinese knotting; here are just a few examples colour corrected to Elrond's silvery grey from their original red:

Any of these would work, I guess....

More exhibit pics:

The last two are a comparison of original and colour corrected versions. The lining does indeed appear darker than the outer fabric here, same as in the sleeves, so I guess we can rightly assume there's a darker lining to this drape.

I'll do a drawing of the drape and the layers underneath soon...stay tuned! The black and silver diamond underrobe is high up on my sewing list :-)

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