Lasto beth nîn. Tolo dan nan galad....

We first see Elrond in Rivendell at Frodo's bed where he's wearing a salmon colored robe. A few moments later we see him walking with Gandalf in the library, here he's wearing a grey drape / cloak over the salmon robe.

At Frodo's bed
With Gandalf in the library (Grey Drape added)

In the main hall in Rivendell





With Gandalf
Again with Gandalf (the only two versions of this picture that I could find and that were good enough)
On the balcony (this scene must have been cut...)

The robe itself is made of dupioni silk and lined either in olive (movie version with color filter) or gold silk (real costume wihout color filter). It has a vaguely leaf-shaped insert in the front that closes with 5 silver buttons*

* New discovery: the buttons are shaped like stylized roses or 'knots' just like the ones on Arwen's Farewell Dress. Check this image (careful, slow load! It's a big one!):

Some people suggested that the recently released Topps Costume Card which is called "Elrond's Bronze Silk Robe" is in fact also the salmon robe, just without any color filter (which would mean: The Salmon Robe is Bronze in reality). Below is an image of the TOPPS card and a scan of the fabric swatch in different lights.

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This is the lightest color the fabric can get (in direct sunlight)

I would say this is brown, not salmon at all...bronze, if you like.
But it's got nothing to do with the Salmon Robe except that it's got the same style and (maybe) the same embroidery*.

* I have not checked yet whether the embroidery is exactly the same or not. It is very similar though from what I can tell from some early glimpses.

Also, there's one BTS pic with Ian McKellen that shows just the robe without the drape:

It looks more silver here than bronze or salmon!

I found another scene in the appendices of FotR where we see him just in this robe:


It looks definitely silver here! Which is strange...because the gallery images on the Extended DVD (that I'm showing you below) clearly show a salmon, if not pink colored robe.
I'm not too sure if you can make a silver robe look salmon or a salmon one look silver just with digital grading; especially because both the gallery images as well as the BTS pics above are ungraded images in natural light and without any color filter. Just from the way it is cut, the embroidery, the matching sash and the fact that Elrond wears his circlet, I would say the silver one *is* the same robe, but on the other hand, this must almost be two different garments...

It's possible that they tried first with a silver or bronze robe and didn't like it, so they made a new salmon one, which was put in the DVD galleries as the "official" robe. Just in the making of's, there was still the 'old' silver robe at some points. I am pretty sure that we see the silver robe 'recycled' as an undergarment to this outfit:


And we see a 'solo' robe here:

'You gave away your life's grace. I cannot protect you anymore'

- this could be the bronze one. It would be matching since this outfit is from RotK and the costume card as well.

This means....

With Gandalf = Salmon Robe + Grey Drape
BTS Test Shots with Fellowship/Makeup Shot = Silver Robe (for whatever reasons)
Council = Salmon Robe + Council Drape
Grey Havens/Coronation Outfit from RotK = Silver Robe and Silver high-necked drape
RotK with Arwen on the Bridge = Bronze Robe (also on Costume Card)

Did I mention that I love conspiracy theories?

Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed at all, but the costume card made me overthink this. I'm almost 100% sure that there must be two, rather three different robes of the same style.

That said, let's move on to a step by step look at this garment (the Salmon robe, if you are confused now *lol*).
(Images from the FotR Extended DVD)

This is the basic Robe without sash.
It is floor length, split center front to about thigh level. The "corners" at the bottom are rounded. The robe has a high necked collar, a V-shaped insert in the front and long, belled sleeves that are more "tight" in the upper part and get wider towards the wrist. Note the edge of these sleeves is straight, not flared out. There's embroidery in silver soutache braid on the chest piece, the back (as we shall see), the lower part of the sleeves and - I think no one has seen this before - on the hemline at the "corners"! See color corrected version and negative...
The robe closes with 5 silver buttons. There's probably a cranberry shirt underneath - the sleeves of it are showing a little, but we have no idea about the shape or whether this is a whole piece or maybe just some separate sleeves.


<<< The silver soutache embroidery at the hem is faintly visible here.

Insert at the neck. It's slightly V-shaped, but you see the edges are not straight, but curved a little, like a leaf. There's piping between this piece and the actual robe. It looks as if the mandarin collar and this insert were cut as one, esp. when you look at the next picture. Here, you have a clear view of the embroidery design and the buttons, and also a good fabric close up. Note that the dupioni silk has not been cut the regular way - the "stripes" are going horizontal, not vertical.

Back of the robe. Can clearly see the piping here, and that there's no seam between the collar and where it attaches to this piece. Has probably been cut as one. The silver design runs back here, and you can see how even the film costume shows slight irregularities - it's not 100% symmetrical. The robe has a center back seam also.

The sleeve with embroidery design. The sleeves are lined in gold / olive silk, we don't know if the rest of the robe is lined either...

A grey sash is worn with the robe, probably made of silk. It laces in the back. It could be the same we see on him in a RotK outfit.

Another view of the salmon robe with the council trousers and council sash

These two images provide also a good view on the salmon robe. Unfortunately, the first one goes over two pages of a book, that's why the crease is there *rants*. Look especially at the sleeves, you can see the soutache embroidery there.

Careful, slow load! Big size images!


New discovery!

About the soutache on the yoke front. I found a very helpful picture (the one I posted above as a reference for the buttons). It shows clearly the following things:

~ There is silver piping on the mandarin collar (see (1) on the picture).
~ Two different soutache bands have been used, one of them is a wider and not so shiny; the second one seems to be the same that has been used
for the piping. It is more shiny, also more 'rounded' (if that makes sense...I mean, not as 'flat' as the wider one) and a bit smaller. It has been used to reinforce the wider one on certain places within the motive. See (2) and (3) on the picture.
~ They
*also* had difficulties to keep the soutache from fraying A way to stop this: Put a drop of jewelry or textile glue on each end (or any other glue for that matter), or dip ends in hot transparent wax.

I have made Elrond's Council Outfit for a performance at Ring*Con 2005. The Salmon Robe is made of a beautiful salmon / light pink silk taffeta that has whiteish highlights. It's like the original in that respect as the color changes with every angle. The original is made from dupioni silk, but the taffeta is a much better choice (at least for a recreation), since it doesn't fray so much and has a very elegant look and feel. Also, I bought this on discount. One metre is about 58 Euro (around $ 70) regular price, I bought 6 metres for that price. And I bought it specifically for Elrond, though back then there was no plan yet to make this outfit anytime soon, but...think in advance

I made my robe after Simplicity 4942 (male elf robe) with only a few minor changes (front insert, sleeves), but if such details don't matter that much to you, you can just go ahead with the robe pattern as it is. Usually, the salmon robe will be hidden either under the grey drape or the council robe, but I needed mine 'solo' as well, that's why I decided to make it 100% correct.

Here's finally my version of the Salmon Robe

Photo taken with flashlight (not original color)
This pic shows the real color
With the council drape
Soutache embroidery at yoke front
Soutache embroidery at yoke front and collar
Soutache embroidery at yoke front. I used two different soutache braids to lighten up the design a bit.


This was at RingCon, practising for our play. Better pics will follow soon, this is just for an idea. The proper sash is still missing as well, *but* I have made a pair of silk trousers for underneath that I'm not going to show you ;-)
Some more photos are in the section of the Council Robes.

Still to do: Remaining Soutache embroidery at sleeves and hem; cut rounded corners at hem; line sleeves. Otherwise finished.















Light grey or charcoal drape

The grey drape is not seen when Frodo awakens and Elrond welcomes him in Rivendell; but some scenes later when Gandalf and Elrond are discussing the fate of the Ring.

Note that here he wears a second belt with dangling bits and pieces over the simple grey sash, probably a knotted belt like Arwen wears several times with her early dresses.The sash itself has a diagonally cut end and you can see a seam on the bottom. The second belt is not as long as the sash.


The back of the grey drape shows us the little capelet that is cut a bit like the Requiem hood. The drape is basically a long mantle, probably made of two pieces (back seam?) with that shoulder capelet added to it.
The edges of the cape are finished with a wide and very rough zig-zag. There are burn-out designs as well that I'm currently working on...

















Here's finally my version of the Light Grey Drape. I still have to take pictures on the dressform, but for now, here's an impression:

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