Frequently Asked Questions

With the growing of this website, it has become necessary to explain some basic things. Please, before you e-mail me, check the FAQ to see whether your question is already answered here.

Basically, I am happy about every e-mail I get, be it criticism or appreciation; and I try to help out on any questions you might have. But please understand that I am NOT a sewing studio or a help desk of some sort. This website is a one-woman-business, next to my main occupation as a student of medieval language , and my other hobbies, so please be *will* get an answer, it just takes time.

Thanks! :-)


Q: I would like to contact you, but I can't find your e-mail address anywhere?
A: I took my e-mail address down because I want to avoid (getting more) spam mails (than I already do). I've been flooded with spam recently, and it sucks.
So, if you want to get in contact, mail to:

arwen_undomiel (at)

IMPORTANT!!!! Please put 'costume' in the header, as the mailbox is set to delete all mails that don't have that.

Either that, or leave a message in the guestbook, and I will get back to you :-)


Q: I'd like to mail you some picture(s) of my costume/ document(s) / pdf(s) / .... , can I do so?
A: Basically yes, but please DO NOT send me large e-mail attachments (such as photos) that are bigger than 300 KB in size!!!!! My account is a small web-mail account and I don't check it every day. If you send such large attachments, my account's limit is reached and other ingoing e-mails will be blocked! If you want to send me attachments bigger than 300 KB, please e-mail me first and let me know what you are going to send. I will then give you another e-mail address with a bigger storage capacity where you can send it to! :-)

Q: What e-mails will you answer, and when will I probably not get an answer?
A: It depends. What I definitely won't answer anymore is e-mails for "link exchange". I've been having a load of these recently, and while I'm happy to put up a link to other costuming sites, fan research projects or special shops, I just can't put up a link just for the sake of it, and to companies that I haven't made experiences with. That means: No link exchange just for commercial reasons!

Also, I won't answer any sort of offers like for fabric, threads, magazines or any sort of commercial stuff.

Do you take orders / would you make a dress (costume / ...) for me?

A: Oh, dear. The basic question that everybody asks ;-) First of all: No.

I'd really *love* to make stuff for others, but it's not that easy. First, it's a tax issue. I'd need to officially open a business when I'm selling stuff. Which is expensive where I live, and lots of paper work. Second, I'm afraid I can't work to measure. I can do so within the size chart of patterns, but not if you send in your measurements and want me to base a dress on them. For my own dresses, I sometimes just work by eye-measure, so when *my* fabric is ruined, it's not that tragical, but I certainly don't want to ruin a customers' fabric. I am *not* a professional seamstress. The costumes shown on this page are only for my personal use, or some exceptions made for friends.
So, no I'm sorry, I don't take any orders. As much as I would love to, I can't :-(

Q: I like your costume XYZ, would you sell it?
A: Again, no. See above. I'm costuming just for myself and for some friends. But ----- I *do* have some stuff on eBay from time to time and I'll put a heads up in the news section whenever something of interest to LotR costumers is sold on eBay. M'kay? :-)

Q: I really need a wedding dress / fancy evening dress / ... in LotR style and can't find any, pleeeeease make one for me?! Pretty please?
A: No matter how important or urgent it orders, no selling on this site. Sorry.

Q: Do you sell patterns, trims, fabric or colors?
A: Unfortunately not, but check the link page, I've gathered some very good and reliable shops there.

Q: 'Where can I find cheap silk velvet?' / 'How do I dye fabric myself?' / 'Can I wash silk?' / 'How do I cut the sleeve for my XY Gown?' etc. etc.
A: Questions like the ones mentioned above are the ones I hate most. *lol* Not because I don't want to help you, but because usually I write back very long and detailed e-mails, instructions or tips, and in 90% of the cases, I don't even get a 'Thank you' back. :-(
So, sorry, but I probably won't answer e-mails like that anymore.
It costs too much time to answer them down to every detail, and I don't have that (time, I mean). Besides, 99% of these questions are answered somewhere on this site already; or can be answered using Google ;-)
As for tutorials (like for example on dyeing), I post most of them on my site anyway, and there are also some links to very helpful tutorials in the link list.

Q: I really need fabric X / trim Y / ... but can't find it anywhere. Can you help?
A: *points at the link list again* These are the stores where I usually buy my stuff; if they don't have what you're looking for, I can't really help you. Again, try googling for it - it's what I have to do as well when I'm looking for stuff ;-)

Q: I want to make Arwen's X-Y-Z dress, can you tell me what to be careful of or what to look out for?
A: I am always interested in other fan projects and I try to help, of course, when time allows, but please understand that I am very busy and I just can't answer all e-mails asking for help; and I also can't be there for you through the whole process of making your dress. Of course, I can give you certain hints and so on, but when I haven't made a special dress myself yet, it's basically pointless to ask me about it, because I have to research it first. And when I've made a dress already, all my experiences and thoughts are on the site anyway :-) So, for example, if somebody was to ask me about the Chase Dress, I can't really help you because I haven't made this one yet.

Q: I would like to make a dress, but I'm new to sewing, can you help me?
A: As for original designs and 'normal' costumes (meaning: not a specific one out of a movie, for movie replicas: See above), I can try to help you, but again: please understand that I can't answer every single mail. Also, please don't hold me responsible in case anything goes wrong. That includes both the fabric itself as well as the companies I might recommend or the brand I might suggest. In the end it's all your decision what you use and where you order from, so please see my tips just as what they are: tips ;-)


Q: I've got this picture of an outfit, can you tell me the pattern / fabric / design by looking at it?
A: Well, I can try, but please remember I'm neither a store nor a professional, so ultimately I'll have to guess as well...

Q: Is your site an official guide how to make these outfits?
A: Gaah, no! Don't tell New Line *rofl* I am merely giving instructions based on my own experiences, so please don't rely on them and do your own research before you start on something! I'm not responsible for anything that goes wrong when you follow my instructions! ;-)
Everything on this site, comments, theories, descriptions etc. is just my personal view and does not represent general facts. Dress decriptions base on personal research and that again base on what I can see with my own eyes. There are some aspects on some costumes that nothing/not much is known about, my theories about them are purely speculative and I don't claim that I'm when you've got another theory, don't hesitate to let me know! :-)

Q: Throughout your site, there are some strange words, like FotR, NLC, ACS....what does that mean?
*lol* Costumer language ;-) Check the abbreviations index.


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Abbreviations Index

You may find some abbreviations throughout the text that are not quite clear to you. Here's an index of the most common ones.

ACS - Alley Cat Scratch. Largest Costume Research Site for LotR costumes.

BR - Blood Red (Dress), Arwen.

BTS: Behind the scenes

EE/SEE: Extended Edition/Special Extended Edition (both the same); the DVD version of the movies which is about 40 minutes longer each; with cut scenes added back in.

FotR ; TTT; RotK - Fellowship of the Ring; The Two Towers; Return of the King (the movies/books)!
GG - Green Gown , Eowyn.
LotR - Lord of the Rings

NLC - New Line Cinema
- Peter Jackson

TORn - The One
WW - White Wool (Dress), Eowyn.