FotR appendices with Legolas
Worn in the scene where the Fellowship leaves Rivendell, but totally cut from the theatrical version. It appears in the EE of FotR, where the Farewell scene can be seen in its original length (Elrond bidding farewell to the Fellowship; Arwen standing by with some elves and exchanging a last glance with Aragorn). It reappears in the EE of TTT. Here we see Aragorn's flashback as Éowyn asks him about "the woman who gave you that jewel". Again in Rivendell, he and Arwen meet right before the departure and Aragorn tries to give her the Evenstar back (no such luck,dude!).
This scene is set to have happened right *before* the farewelling scene in the Extended FotR.

The difference is that in FotR, she is wearing a circlet with the dress and has the straightest hair I've ever seen on her, in an elaborate braid on the back of her head; but in the TTT sequence - which is meant to be right before the FotR scene- she has open, wavy hair and no circlet. The time between the talk with Aragorn and the departure of the Fellowship would never have been enough to get the hair done like this and put on the circlet. Should this be the movie maker's fault?

I like the open hair version better. She looks a bit strange with the hair pulled back from her face and the tiara so high on her forehead....although it is a lovely piece of jewelry that can be purchased also via Noble Collection or (cheaper) via this eBay seller .

The 12'' collectible Arwen doll from Toy Biz is also wearing this dress. I have that doll and might add some photos later.

FotR EE costume gallery

The circlet version. Here the fabric color is a silvery purple, almost wih a rosy tinge. In the pic above and especially in the one where she's leaning against the wooden post, the dress looks a lot different in color, almost brown. That's only the color filter though that makes the color look so antiqued.

The pattern is something flowery/leafy, the fabric is surely brocade (one of those that Ngila mentions that have lots of metallic thread woven into them,that's where the silver shine comes from).

There's silver embroidery on the yoke front (pattern sketch see below).

The dress has a high collar like the Chase Dress and resembles more the male elf robes than any of Arwen's other dresses. It might have been an early concept for her.

There's also an underdress of which we see only the sleeves and the front part from the waist down, where the overdress is open.
The edges of this 'gap' in the overdress are softly rounded (the Rose Dress shares this feature, by the way). The underdress is a violet/bordeaux color and appears to be silk.

Click for the big version scanned from the 'Visual companion' book. Unfortunately part of the head
is cut off as my scanner is kaput....

The sleeves are NOT petal wrapped as I thought before. Much staring at pictures and computer screens brought me to the conclusion that this is a two-part sleeve with a seam at about elbow level, so that in most pictures the seam is hidden by her arm - and that's why I thought there was a petal wrap.

Anyway, being a standard two-part sleeve, this makes it even more easier. You can use the sleeve directly from McCall's 3010, View B:

Just cut both parts from the same material, not a sheer like shown here. The sleeve form is almost exactly the same than in the Farewell Dress, and also the length is pretty much ideal.
This is easy to cut & sew also :-)

This is the embroidery pattern on the yoke as far as I could follow it. It stretches up onto the shoulder and maybe also on the back. It is probably a bit more elaborate there, but the drawing is correct so far.
This emboidery is so thick that it looks almost like fabric paint or as if some really thick cord or braid has been sewn on. I'm guessing it's soutache embroidery.

More pictures and notes soon to come!

The fabric I'm going to use for the Farewell dress. A ming brocade in periwinkle that I found on eBay already a while ago. The first time I saw it, I thought 'This would be *perfect* for the Farewell gown!'. Now, almost a year later, I have ordered it and what can I say....I love this fabric!

The flower pattern is slightly smaller than on the original, and as always there's the color issue, but since the Farewell dress looks periwinkle/violet on most pictures and coffe brown only on one, I decided to go for the periwinkle. I can't wait to start on the dress!


I have finished the underdress so far. Below are some in-progress-pics. Note that the sleeves, neckline and seam aren't hemmed yet. It is just a plain silk gown so far, but maybe I'll add some fabric paint or embroidery along the neckline so that it can be worn alone as well.

Actual color shown here, picture to the right is taken with flash. The silk hasn't been ironed yet,that's why it wrinkles so much...ugh, and I really need to iron these wrinkles out! ;-)

Avec the brocade. Right picture with flash and a little larger 'cause it shows the pattern nicely and how the fabrics shimmers.

Doesn't look too bad so far, eh? :-)

UPDATE December 2005

Okay...I haven't worked on this dress since I f****d up my muslin badly some time in spring. Nothing seemed to go right with this dress, so I put it in the corner for almost a year. Recently, I don't know why, I just felt in the mood to work on it again, and what can I say? This came out great so far! One of the best costumes I ever made, although this has been a tough one. Not the sewing itself, but the pattern construction.

I started out with Simplicity 4942, View A. The male elf robe looked like a good starting point.

First thing, I changed the V-shaped insert at the front. It is much wider in the Farewell Dress and set in so that there's barely some inches of fabric between the insert seam and the sleeve seam. The red arrows on the pic below mark the seam of the V-insert, the green ones the seam where the sleeves are set into the dress.

Here's a diagram...the basic drawing shows the original elf robe as included in the pattern; the red and blue lines the changes necessary to make it look like Arwen's. Basically, the V-insert is much wider and longer, whereas the sash also sits higher (below the bust line, not on the hip).

To change an insert like that isn't really difficult if you know how to do it and follow some rules.

First, look for the length. How long is the original one?
On Arwen, the insert stops about waist level, where the sash will cover it. Since not everyone has Liv Tyler's measurements, measure out the length you need on yourself. For practical reasons, I took it from my shoulders down to the navel for example. So now you know that your insert needs to be X inches/cm long.

Next step. Measure how wide your shoulders are. From throat to where you would want a sleeve to sit (basically a little bit off shoulder). In my case, this was 13 cm. Now check your pattern (still the male elf one). Tape the V-insert to the robe front and measure the same length as you did on yourself. Is it about the same than yours (13 cm in my case) or just +/- one cm? Then it's okay. But since this pattern is made for men, in most cases it won't fit and the shoulders will be about 20 cm or so. Anyway, you now know that your dress (NOT the V-insert, but the dress plus the insert) needs to be Y cm wide in the shoulder part.

So, your V has to be a few cm smaller than my case, I made it not 13 cm but 10 cm. The remaining 3 cm will be the dress...that little space of dress you see between the two seams (pictures above). All these measurements are *without* seam allowance, so in the end, after you have everything constructed so it fits, calculate 1,5 cm seam allowance to the measurements you already have.

So, draw a V-shape after these measurements (you can use the V from the male elf pattern as a model).

That done, you're basically ready to get started. My problem was, the male elf robe was *much* too big for me even in size XS. I have a size 12-14 normally and XS was too big for me. I needed to change the rest of the pattern drastically...make it smaller first, then make it wider in the waist section...Also, I thought the skirt wasn't wide enough for a female costume, so I made that wider and added a train; until in the end, not much was left of the original male elf pattern.

The pattern I finally came out with looked a bit like this (my drawing skills suck...but get the idea):

The red line in the front can either do that at once in your pattern or cut it later from the fabric. That's the rounded 'corners' on the bottom front. I recommend cutting them from the almost-finished-dress because then you can adjust them individually to length and drape of the gown. So you basically cut an A-line gown first, front part 2 times and back part 1 time on fold. Pin V-insert to front, front to back, sew everything together, try on...and then cut your rounded corners. Just my 0.02 cents though :-)

...and I bet no one understood what I was just babbling about!

The dress is finished so far, I'm currently looking for proper buttons, and I still have to make the mandarin collar. Photos will follow soon. Meanwhile, some more of the original dress...

A good, clear view of the whole dress

From a cut scene "Farewell to Legolas"

A funny row of images from the appendices where Orlando gets slapped by Liv for being a pain :-) This is the small version, I have this in bigger as well >>>

And look how Hugo just can't be bothered *lol* Yay for Elrond!

Caps from the DVD. The dress has a slight train...or it is simply too long ;-)

The fabric of the underdress..we see a seam on the inside



Finally, here are some pictures of my dress...not completely finished yet, but as a first impression....

Images open in pop-up windows! Please adjust your firewalls and pop-up blockers!

Woo-hoo! An update! I've finally finished the embroidery on the neck, plus the sash, and made a completely new underdress.

Here are some pictures of the finished dress (page may load a bit slow due to many pictures).


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