Galadriel's Grey Havens Cloak

As with all colors, this one is difficult to nail down. The fabric is described as being "made from a burnished silk, tinted to silver green-gray". Well, all of these shades are visible in the costume card, though most of the time it appears a whiteish to cream color. As for the green hue - I haven't seen the cloak in person on the various exhibitions, but I think you wouldn't go wrong when you make it in a cream or off white/silverish silk, without the green....

Below is the fabric swatch from the card in different lightings. Image #3 would be closest to the 'real' color (= the one on the card. We never know if the material in the card is *really* the one used for the actual garment....).

By the way, I have no idea what a 'burnished silk' would be...

Image 082
Image 084
  Image 085
Image 078
  Image 079 Image 080 Image 081



Galadriel doll by Fainelloth

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