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Since I live in Germany, some of these links are to German or generally European sites. Most of them do ship internationally, but some don't. If you should come across something on one of these sites that you really really want to order, contact me - I'm always willing to help out with German shop orders in case of emergency :-)


Alley Cat Scratch
The most detailed research site about LotR costumes.On their mailing list are some of the best, craziest, most obsessive and devoted costumers that I have ever met (hey folks! )

Dawn's Costume Pages
Check this very useful Tutorial on how to alter a princess seamed pattern

Elven Armor
Fan-made elven armor - site not updated in a long time but good for tips on armor-making

Kathy's Mourning Gown site and Kathy's Coronation Gown site
A place that I like to visit :-) The dresses are well researched and Kathy's Mourning gown is absolutely fantastic!

Naira's Hope Dress
I *adore* those sleeves!!!

Costumer's Guide
Maggie's costume research site with lots of good pictures, *extensive* research and fabulous costumes! Her guide to STAR WARS costumes is here: Padawan's Guide


-Fabrics, Patterns, Trims, Sewing Accessories

Houses the Butterick, McCall's and Vogue pattern companies, and a smaller one called Wallies. Also has an online store where you can order and search for new patterns.

The fourth big pattern company that doesn't belong to the McCall empire.

And here is the fifth. Burda is a German company, but they do have some interesting patterns. You'll find them under 'shop'.


Marfy is an Italian pattern company that sells high couture fashion patterns. They've got beautiful brideswear, but one pattern costs about 60 Euro!



Bridal Fabric
Gorgeous beaded brocades and Organzas in a wide variety,some stuff suitable for the Lavender Bead Dress.

BR Exports
A seller from India that has jawdropping fabrics! They also manufacture fabrics on custom order,
so you can imagine the price, but it's worth a look just for drooling purposes :-)

Candlelight Valley Fabrics
Link takes you to a fabric suitable for Arwen's Coronation upper sleeves


Denver Fabrics

Dollar Fabric

Quick and convenient shipping. Great trim for the Requiem Dress, search for Silk Trim Style "12BO-46"

Emma One Sock


Farmhouse Fabrics

German online store with amazing beaded silks, pricey but worth a look

Hanson Silks
The only place that carries silk mousseline

Hyena Productions

Moonlight Fabrics

Silk Road

The sewing studio
A little store in Florida that has their best fabrics not online, but in their shop.
My friend Yvette found the fabric for her Lavender Beaded Dress here.


Violent Whisper (
Austrian company that sells quality silk from china. Ships to Europe only!
I'm sorry, apparently the URL has changed and belongs
now to some extremely Christian people or what. I haven't noticed the change
until I checked all my links recently...


Calontir Trim
Amazing variety of trims,including many LotR style ones and an almost exact match for Aragorn's Coronation
Robe/Faramir's tunic trim

Garb the world

Medieval trims

Saris & Trims
A German site with lots of gorgeous trims! Pricy but worth a look.


Jacquard Acid Dyes

-Beading / Swarovski Crystals/ Sequins
(mostly German sites, some do ship international)



C. Cartwrigth Sequins
The greatest variety on the net! Has also unusual sizes and shapes; like flowers and mini 4mm sequins in all colors! Highly recommended!

-Wigs, Hair & Ears

The best site on hairstyles and braiding,including some LotR styles!

Elves of Aradan
Ear tips for elves - the 'woochie' version

Lederkram Elf Ears
A German supplier that does ship international by request. They've got
the most real looking elf ears currently available on the market
Also a supplier for realistic looking elf ears and other masks (Orcs etc.)

Highly recommended wig seller! Fast, friendly and convenient. Style LA-3000 in black or dark brown makes a great Arwen, in blonde a great Éowyn. The hair feels and looks like real hair. Very-Faery tip!

-Costume Jewellery

Atélier des Elfes
A French Workshop run by Didier.
He makes some of the best circlets and crowns out there!

Bijoux Mediévales

Camias Jewelry Designs
Kelly specializes in Celtic, Medieval, and Renaissance inspired wedding/bridal
circlets and crowns in sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. She also
has a selection of LotR inspired jewelry, including some really breathtaking circlets.

Crafty Fox

Gilded Lily Designs

Highland Anvil

Site hasn't been updated in a while, don't know if they're still in business....

Illusion Jewels

Obsidian Pearl

Parrish Relics

Pewter Replicas


Todd Alan Studios -Medieval Crowns and Circlets


Pillaged Village
Chinese Velvet & brocade Mary Janes, also lots of useful costume stuff (bags etc.) and nice jewellery

Jim has made the shoes for the movie. You can't get any closer to the original. Period :-)

- Licensed LotR weapons, replicas, jewellery and statues

Brown Cutlery

Noble Collection
Replicas of almost everything worn in the movies!

Sideshow WETA
Statues and more....

Tolkien Town

United Cutlery
Movie Swords, Shields and Helmets

-Buy LotR costumes!

Atelier Bediab - Movie Costumes
German site

Elfin Magical Capes

Moonstar Magic

Museum Replicas
Has licensed Arwen, Legolas, Frodo and Boromir costumes in good quality.

German site. Evelyn on the German LotR board with me :-)
She specializes in custom made patterns, costumes, clay jewelry, painting and so much more...
This site (meaning 'Daydream Dresses') hosts her online shop, while you can visit her private
site at
Atelier Blick

Twin Roses Designs


-Non LotR related costume shops: Medieval, Period, Fantasy etc.
(Eye Candy :-) Sites I just like to browse through)

Atelier Gandiva

Chantal Mallet Bridal Couture

Kathryn and Alexandra

La Pompadour


Rivendell Bridal


Lord of the Rings Misc:

-Movie Infos, News & Picture Archives, General LotR Movie Sites

Council of Elrond
Lots of useful info

Encyclopedia of Arda
Need info about a book character? Here's your place!

Herr der Ringe
Here's the home of 'my' forum, yay ;-)

Lord of the
The official movie site

Movie Publicity
Has some high resolution stills and promo images

New Line Cinema Auctions
Check from time to time for original props!

Seat of Kings
Movie transcripts, LotR fonts, Poems...

The One
No description needed, I guess

War of the Ring

War of the Ring Photoforum

-Cast & Crew / Character Fansites / Misc
Great site with lots of pictures

Elf on a Shelf
Just hilarious!

Lovely Liv Tyler
The closest thing to an official site

Maidenfair - Miranda Otto
A general info site with pictures and fun stuff

Uruviel's Argonath
Many images from the movies, esp. of extra elves


Private Links

My costuming friends

Out of the few elves that remained in Middle Earth, these are my most treasured friends:

The Rivendell Twins
The Rivendell Twins
My best friends, elf sisters, partners in crime, private photographers, and so much more... :-)

Princess Madison
Princess Madison's Designs

My lovely friend from France

The only true gothic princess :-)

Yvette's costuming site
My new costume friend in the USA. She does gorgeous stuff!


This is Melluniel's costume page - I know her from the German LotR board

Also from the LotR board, she has an own great costume site...

This is the site of out elven German only, but the design is great and there are some lovely photos up! Go check it out!
This site is specifically about our RingCon performances and plans


Art Magick
A portal for pre-raphaelite art - the paintings that have been so important for the creation of the LotR costumes.


A place I like to visit :-)

Durwaigh Gallery
Fantasy Art

Go here if you're looking for art containing elves and fairies. She has a big list of links sorted by artist


John Howe

Howard David Johnson

Marc Potts

Kinuko Y. Craft

Ted Nasmith
Tolkien illustrator and architectural renderer. Some of the images on my site are from him - incredible artwork!

Visionary Artists- Marja Lee Kruijt Fantasy Artist

Faeries, Elves, Dolls

Art Dolls by Christy
Something I stumbled upon by chance,but lovely to look at anyway

Crawford Manor
Art Dolls

Very Faery
My "almost partner site" ;-) Note that my site is written "very-faery". Originally, I wanted the domain "veryfaery"
but as you see, it's taken :)


German RingCon

Helen Trevillion
She has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard! Check out her versions of "A Elbereth Gilthoniel"!!!

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