This is a quote from an interview with Mana Hira Davis (stuntman on LotR and one of the guests on RingCon 2005). The "golden lady" is me...in my One Ring costume. He also wrote "To the golden lady" in my program book, and he told me that he liked my costume very much - but I had no idea I was his favourite! Someone pointed this interview out to me, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed (I *never* notice anything until someone points it out to me,haha). So, thank you Mana... :-)
Courtesy of Ringcon-Lexicon.You can read the whole interview here (note that the design of the site has changed in the meantime).


Someone discovered this in a forum and made a screenshot for me ^^
I am really happy when people appreciate my work...and to say that I look a bit like Arwen...wow...*blushes* Thanks to whoever has written that!

I have been in the media several times in 2005, two times for my One Ring costume at RingCon 2005 and once I was featured in a report about Mittelerdefest in Switzerland. I was on the website of Jens Hansen himself, the creator of the movie ring! I'm so flattered and honored.

This is a screenshot from the Hansen's website www.jenshansen.com
Click on it to enlarge the article, or you can read it in Thorkild's weblog (scroll down).
At this point, I want to thank them for the photo and for having me on their site. It's really a great honor for me! :-)


This article is about RingCon and has a photo of my One Ring Gown (I'm still working on the write-up on it) - which is quite practical, because I have hardly any photos myself ^^

Published in "LARPzeit" issue #10 (a german magazine about Roleplay).



This is a scan of an article about Role Playing and fantasy, published in a Swiss magazine that wrote about Mittelerdefest. I'm pictured there with my friends Silke and Verena. The text below the picture says:
"Catrin W. [i.e. my real name], Silke A. and Verena A. from Munich. Catrin worked for one year on the copy of her Arwen dress from the movie".
Here is the whole article in the archive of the magazine "Coop-Zeitung".


Arwen Doll by DHF