Update Feb. 12th 2008

Yeah well...I know I am behind with everything on this site. So without much ado, I'll add the other stills that I still have around, as it's probably going to take a while until I manage to open the specific sections...*whistles*...

Everything new is marked as such...

Please note,this is a wild mix and will probably continue to be so for a while, until I have time to bring an order into it all. I have dozens of these shots, so please understand that I don't put every single one of them up. Also, these are only caps of outfits that I personally like, so there's not everything up here that has been on the DVD.

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Elves at the Coronation. Good for hairstyles and circlet-types, also for dress types in the second picture (group of elves to the right).


Arwen at the Coronation





Leggy's new outfit. I particularly like this one (and the open hair he's wearing with it ).
The fabric is interesting. A pity this didn't make it in the movie.

Coronation Outfit




Denethor's mantle with the dark fur. This is an intriguing costume, esp.
the underrobe (first picture from left) and the mantle of course. A good match
for the trim on the overrobe (I know it's embroidery, but if you wanna go with a
trim ready to buy) would be Viking Tree by Calontir.

and...I admit, I don't know what the right one is.
Is it a different Boromir costume? Or Aragorn?



White Wool

Green Gown

Travel Cloak



Victory Gown


Starry Mantle & Houses of Healing Dress


Coronation Gown



Sam's elven outfit; Merry,Pippin and Frodo in their luxury garb.

Rosie's wedding dress and Sam's wedding outfit (is it a different one from what he's wearing usually?
I admit I have no idea *LOL*). I like Rosie's dress a lot and I'm actually thinking about making it at one point
when I'm through with all the elven stuff :-) Below are a few more images, also a shot from behind (glimpses on the lace
up back) and the designsketch for her dress. I have some more of these, they are coming up soon!



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