September 14th 2009


For obvious reasons such as lack of time, I have decided to stop all LotR related updates (not that there have been many during the last 24 months) for the moment.

It's been 8 years now since LotR came out. Much has been said, even more has been written, and though I could go on eternally about the costumes, I've decided it's about time to move on. This doesn't mean that there won't be any updates on LotR related stuff anymore. For sure, if today the ultimate Arwen picture appears on the net or the long awaited deleted scenes are released, Valinor will be back in full glory.

However, since the only thing coming up here would be write-ups - no real updates - it seems a bit unfair to keep you all waiting for them while there is so much other stuff to do. Faery, the other part of my site is still a huge construction site and I want to concentrate on that part a bit more in the future. It's been ages since I did my last LotR outfit, and I don't know when I'll do my next. There WILL be a next, don't worry. I just don't know when.

I've been making so many other costumes in the meantime; there are exhibition pics that I'd like to show you, and so much other stuff. Unfortunately, this site is still a "one woman business" and I have a full time job, which leaves me unable to provide you with updates on a daily or weekly basis. However, I'd like to reduce the pile of costumes that still want to be placed online. I'd like to fix some design errors and maybe do a new layout.

So, as some of you are still patiently waiting for the missing LotR write-ups, I want to let you know that they're not to come in the near future. This doesn't mean you can't ask me anymore about this or that costume. Drop me a line if there's something you want to know, sth you've discovered, or else - just check my FAQ's under the heading "E-Mails" before, and please be patient if you don't receive an answer at once. I'll definitely get back to you :o)

So, things will continue over at Faery for a while, updates and all, until I've the time to reopen Valinor for you.

May the light of the Valar be with you,

~*~ Ela ~*~

I think this doll is by Fainelloth, but I might be wrong...
If this is your doll and you want me to take it down, write me!


Jan 11th 2009

Time for the yearly update, eh? ;-)
Yes, I'm still alive and still very much on the costuming side, however I just do not find the time for regular updates - *and* there is not much, LotR-wise that's worth updating, honestly...
Still working on all those Elrond and Arwen sections, but I also need to do the write-ups on my other costumes and times is short *sighs*

Anyway, just a shortie to let you know I fixed my link list - threw out broken ones, corrected some - and also concentrated on just LotR-related links. The sewing and fabric stuff's still there, but I moved all the fantasy, art and other stuff over to a separate link list in Faery.

And tht's it for now. More updates hopefully in a while over in Faery.



Oct 10th 2008

I don't know how old or new this might be for some of you. However, for me it was interesting. There has been this Decipher Special LotR card set including characters that never were in the movie, such als Goldberry, Tom Bombadil, Glorfindel and so on. There has been one card entitled "Twin sons of Elrond" that depicted both twins together (do not confuse them with the separate "Elladan" and "Elrohir" cards!). As far as I know, this one particular card never came out!

Well, at this year's Ringcon, there were Emily Jane Sturrock and Matt Appleton from WETA Workshop, and they also talked about the Decipher Cards --- showing a huge clear image of the twins in their green robes on the screen!

I know that photos taken from a screen are never the best, but honestly, in this case I think it's the best we can just get. Unfortunately, I missed asking them about stuff like Arwen's white WETA dress, but there might be a chance that we exchange an e-mail, then I'll ask about it :-)


Feb 18th 2008

I finally uploaded my pics of the Arwen Dream Gown and Galadriel Grey Havens Cloak Costume Cards. Not much research going on yet, but here are a few photos of the fabric swatches. You can access them either through the "Costume Cards" index in the navigation to the left, or here:


Feb 17th 2008

Not much new, I just updated Elrond's index a bit; fixed the broken images and put the outfits into a new order based on my recent thoughts.

Also, some of you might have noticed some new LotR merchandise by Gentle Giant (- yes, I have no idea how 'new' or 'old' it is; to me it's new, I stumbled across it just today...). There's a 7'' mini statue of Elrond handing over Narsil to Aragorn, which gives a few new interesting insights on the cloak and what's worn underneath:

If I have time the next days, the cloak will be the next write-up to do....


Feb 13th 2008

La-dee-daaah...I know, I know. Not the fastest with updates, eh? *blush*

I'm going to clean up the LotR related stuff first, adding whatever I've got left to add and do the descriptions some time after; before I start on the new stuff over in FAERY, which is, believe me, a lot....

So without further ado, here's update #1: The missing costume captures from the RotK SEE (oh dear, when did *that* come out...), including Éowyn, Arwen, Legolas and Hobbits:

Costume Captures from the RotK DVD


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