Blue was her raiment as the unclouded heaven....

It was just by pure luck that I was able to make this dress: At a market, I found two pieces of used silk velvet (3 m each) for only $3.50!!! It was possibly a former church curtain as it smelled of frankincense and had those typical loops that curtains have. The fabric has a very thick & soft pile and drapes just *so* beautifully. I burn tested it and it is indeed silk velvet, because of its extreme softness and shine I even think it's 100% silk velvet, not a silk/rayon composition. However, it was a lucky find and I'm *extremely* happy with it :-)

I kept it in my box for some months, not sure what to make of it, when finally I had an idea. Originally, I wanted to make an Elrond-like mantle combined with some elements of Arwen's Hope dress. However, after I cut the basic shape, it somehow turned into my version of Lúthien's dress from the Silmarillion (although her dress is described as being blue, it somehow reminded me of her).

It was inspired by Arwen's Arch dress and Bridge Dress, although I can't tell exactly anymore where these two came together.


- Silk velvet, custom dyed in deep purple (outside) and golden cinnammon (inside)
- silver braid (neck)
- silver/black trim (armbands)

I basically used what materials I had at hand as the dress was just an experiment, so the trim is nothing really special. I plan to add silver Evenstar-like embroidery on the shoulders whenever I have time, though.

I know that it doesn't look purple on the's really a very strange color, somewhere between royal purple, violet and blue, and it shimmers different depending on the light. Sometimes it looks even *golden*...sighs. Anyway, the color I used was labeled as 'purple',that's why I keep calling it the purple dress although it's much more violet... ;-)

More pics
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Dress history

Basic Dress with shaped neckline and armholes, not fitted yet

Basic Dress, fitted.
Planned as an overdress á la BR and Requiem dress

Overdress with Éowyn belt

Fitted overdress with Éowyn belt

Dress with sleeves attached

One armband attached

Dress with both armbands
and neckline braid

Dress with both armbands and neckline braid, non-flash pic

Wearing the dress at a convention
(Circlet from Atélier des Elfes)

No patterns used for this dress - I just took the two separate layers and sewed them together, leaving an armhole open. Afterwards, I took another dress of mine that fits me well, laid it out on the fabric and marked the basic outlines. Then I cut the fabric along these lines (right side of fabric inside, the train was already cut with the dress - it's basically giant seam allowance ) . I closed the other side of the dress (side seams) and adjusted the neckline. Then I cut two separate upper arms out of the remaining fabric. The lower sleeves are two-part because there wasn't enough fabric left, that's why you can see the inside seam on some pictures (the only thing I'm not pleased with). Lower sleeves have a double-folded
hem and are not lined. In the end, I fitted the dress a bit in the waist area because it was hanging too loosely.

Additional info

Shoes in the pictures: Chinese flats in violet, not quite matching, but yeah... :)
Jewellery: Circlets from Atélier des Elfes and a local artisan; Evenstar made of pewter by Zinnmeister


Lúthien by Swan Lake

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