Welcome, friends of old, strangers from distant lands, to Valinor!

Mae govannen and well met...

On this site I'm showing you my attempts at recreating some of the costumes from Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" movies. I have been a fan of beautiful dresses for a long time already, from medieval fashion to 18th century princess gowns, from wedding dresses to fantasy wear. When LotR came out, I was fascinated by the costumes, especially the ones worn by the elves.

This site is meant to be a research project. You will find general descriptions of the costumes as well as sewing tips how to make a quality costume yourself. Please note that this is NOT a commercial site, i.e. I don't sell any costumes! My research so far focusses mainly on the dresses worn by Arwen, Galadriel and female elf extras, as well as Éowyn, though I'm also very interested in the male outfits and will add write-ups on them whenever I have time.

A note on the technical side. Most of the images on my site open in extra browser windows *or* pop-up windows. Some browsers and blocker softwares recognize this as spam, and block it. In case your computer asks you whether you want to unblock, you can do so without fear. I also have some flash and shockwave elements on my site for which you'll need to have Macromedia Flash Player installed (availabale for free download on macromedia.com). Without this, you won't be able to see large parts of this site properly!

"What's new" gives you an overview of all the recent updates on my page. "The closets" takes you directly to the movie costumes. My version of each dress as far as I made one is shown on the respective research page, usually below the description of the original dress. Make sure to visit the FAQs whenever something's not clear (there's also an index of abbreviations on this page). If you like my site, I would be happy about a note in the Guestbook

Elen sila lúmen omentielvo


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