~*~ Three layered petal-wing dress ~ *~

Not much to say: A dress made from three different types of silk (chiffon, georgette and habotai) in three shades of violet. I made this dress because it was very hot here by the time I made it, but of course it was rainy and cold by the time I went to the event it was intended for, so

I wore it for about half an hour on the first day of Elf Fantasy Fair to take some photos in the Chinese Garden of the hotel...

I really need to take some better pics soon, but since it's already October and the dress is veeeery light, I suppose photos have to wait until next summer...

Anwyway, it was made without a pattern, just two basic back and front panels. Side seams are always a bit problematic, and so they are in this case. I need to either fit the dress a bit more in the waist section, or, and that's likely what I'll do, add a back lacing to give it a bit more shape.

I made my own pattern for the sleeves. Nothing special, just a small trumpet; and I made them just a bit longer than my fingertips 'cause for once I want to be able to find my hands without looking silly :grins:

The three layers are hanging separately except at the neckline and armholes. I gathered all fabrics into the neckline with a 3-thread-rolled-hem, and I also did the seams on each layer and on the sleeves that way. It creates a nice sort of wavy effect when you pull one of the threads a little tighter while sewing.

The dress is nothing really special. I made it only because I bought a bulk of silk cheaply and didn't know what else to do ;-) The name of the dress is pure nonsense...I liked the sound of certain words in German, and I put them together to make a name, which would be 'Dreilagiges Blumenblattflügelkleid' (don't you even try to pronounce that *lol*).





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