As always, this dress wasn't even planned but was a completely spontaneous thing. There was this seller on eBay, offering this really beautiful blue beaded silk chiffon...the rest is history :sighs: I looked at this chiffon for more than a year and always dreamed of a dress made from it. Then it was sold out. Some six months later, I happened to order some other fabric from the very same seller, and since I had some money left (:coughs:) I asked whether there was still some of the blue one available. And it I bought the last 7 yards that were in stock :does happy dance:

The inspiration for this dress was the yellow beaded elf dress that I discovered in the extras of TTT I think...

And I also needed a dress for our elven procession at RingCon this year, which will be styled after the one Frodo and Sam see in FotR Extended, all in blue and silver and white. I wanted something very simple, yet elven looking...and thinking of Galadriel and her beaded stuff, I thought this feels quite right...

I really can't remember what pattern I used. I made my own for the sleeves, which is basically the pattern from Galadriel's Mirror Gown sleeves (I'm going to re-use it when I make the Mirror Gown). The dress itself is princess seamed. I'm really not sure anymore which pattern I might have been McCalls 4490 or 4491. Yeah, I think it was.

The dress is lined in two layers of 10' habotai silk dyed in a mixture of Robin's Egg Blue and Ice Blue (Color brand: Procion MX Dyes).
What was difficult...the lining is _not_ sewn into the seams of the outer chiffon layer. It's connected with the outer layer only at the armholes and the neckline. The rest of the lining hangs you can pull up the chiffon layer without lifting the lining as well (although I really don't know why somebody would want to do this, but yeah...^^ I thought it was nicer that way with a 'floating' lining).

The sleeves are unlined just as in Galadriel's dresses.

The neck edge is finished with a pearl edged piping. I looked for one in blue, but couldn't find one so far, so I used the white one that was intended for my Mirror Gown. Whenever I find a blue pearl piping, I will replace it.

The gown closes in the back with a short zipper and has an *extensive* train...

I can't wait to wear it for our procession. It sparkles like mad when light shines on it ^_<

Here's a photo of me in the gown at the LotR Symphony in Cologne:

I know: Smile, dammit! Let me tell you: I can't

Some lovely people from the German LotR board getting photographed for a local newspaper. I'm to the upper right.
© Pete 'The Hutt' Klassen

Again, the group from the German LotR board.
© Pete 'The Hutt' Klassen

I might look bored, or snobby, or whatever, but I am not ^^
I actually think this is one of the very few good photos that exist of myself since the last 2 years or so...

You can see the pearl edge piping and a bit of the necklace that I bought especially for this dress...^^

The old thing...elves and their fabrics ^^
I was wearing the Bridge Hairjewels together with the dress, in case anybody has noticed :lol:


Another one taken in the gardens in front of the can see the train ^^

And a last one, in progress on the dressform...



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