Brown Elf Dress (Arwen Requiem Style)

This was an early project, if not one of my first.

The basis for this was a brown velvet dress that I found cheap at a market. I loved the color, brown with green and gold mixed into it (almost like a brown version of the Requiem Dress), and originally it doesn't look like in the pic, but has more of a green/gold sheen depending how the light shines on it.

Well, the art of digital photography ;-)

So, I took off the long, tight sleeves and left only the upper part of them. Then I added the lower sleeves that I made from an expensive brown silk velvet devorée fabric that has this glitter leaf design. The fabric's really lovely... but it needs a lining, desperately, because it's scratching so much! The trim's just some stuff that I had lying around, but it looks nice.

The dress has this beautiful hand knitted trim on the neck and hem (it was
already on the dress when I bought it). The only pity is that it's a bit too short for me, and I've been thinking how to change that. Maybe an overdress? (It's really too tight for an underdress). But then the nice trim on the hem would be
hidden by the overdress....

Maybe I'll just try and "add" a piece of fabric to it...or maybe I'm going to split it at the sides to make some gores... I really have no idea,and until I know what to do with it, it rests in my closet. It's just a case of stumbling across the right fabrics, I guess.

Since this dress is really a bit too tight for me and I'd need to make heavy changes in order for it to fit me, it's one of the few things that I'd be willing to sell if somebody truly falls in love with it....

UPDATE: This dress has been re-modeled (I added side slits and inserts of dark brown and green Habotai silk to make the skirt part fuller, and I added sort of an underskirt to hide the fact that it's too short) and it was....sold! :-)

Sleeve fabric and trim close-ups A



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