"Flemish" Gown

A simple dark blue velvet gown with puffed sleeves, for the colder days ;-)

It has a front opening edged with black/gold trim and a lacing. It is worn with a sleeveless underdress of cream/gold diamond and fleur-de-lys brocade, which I made instead of the apron-like solution that the pattern (McCall's 4041) suggests. The sleeves are from McCall's 4696 and are lined with silk.

The look and style of the main gown is somewhat close to actual German and/or Flemish/Dutch Gowns of the time around 1500-1550, however this is not exact, and not a historical gown whatsoever.

The neckline is too deep for a start, the sleeves are wrong - I just adored that type of sleeves, so I included them with this - and the choice of materials, trims etc. is wrong as well. It still can be worn to markets and faires where you don't need to be 100% accurate, and it's a nice dress without a troublesome train and in a length that can be easily handled.

And, as I always say - who knows *what* did really exist back in these times,and what did not, just because there are no paintings or other surviving documents? ;-)

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