Black Panné Velvet and Lace Gothic Dress

A very simple black gothic dress that I made because I was in need of one for a festival

Pattern: Burda 2484 , View B:

Don't be too shocked by the picture. It's always the same, I wonder what the pattern companies are thinking when the choose such pictures for the pattern envelopes :shrugs:

This is the German version of a Simplicity 9881 or 4940 or's the German standard pattern for Arwen and Galadriel, though this one is tricky. I wouldn't recommend it for sewing beginners, but of course you only just find out after you messed up your good fabric...


So I used the original pattern, I just altered the sleeves a bit to make them longer and wider. Basically, this is the sleeve shape for Elrond's Grey Havens robe (tried to capture that on the second pic, but it didn't work quite well).

The gothic dress is made from black Panné velvet (which used to be my old curtains :lol:) and a beautiful old rose brocade insert at the front. Sleeves and bodice are lined with black satin, and there's black lace trim at the hem and black brocade trim at the sleeves that you don't see very well. A small hoopskirt fits underneath. The dress weighs a ton...or at least I believe it does...
Ugh... ;-)

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