"Helen of Troy" - Greek inspired dress

I was watching the director's cut of "Troy" and right afterwards, I finally got around to see "300" (way after everybody else had already seen it). I then was in the mood for something Greek, though I didn't want to fiddle about with the original, Peplos and all that - it's complicated. I intend to make an accurate one one day, but for now this will do.

There was this lovely net/tulle fabric embroidered in gold that I had bought at a sale some time back - just for the sake of having it - and I figured it'd look nice.

I really can't remember what pattern I used, but I remember fidgeting with the top and finally making a pattern myself - so it must have been one of the Simplicity/McCall's pseudo-greek numbers with a little bit of my own stuff thrown in.

Then, I had some lovely golden toned ornaments that I had found at a market once. I put these on the dress straps as a finishing touch, which looks quite nice, I think. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been nice enough for costume photos (for nearly 3 years now, can you believe it!!!) and my holiday in Greece did not happen....

Fabric: Turquoise/Aqua tulle netting with gold embroidery
Amount of fabric used: ~ 3 yards

Unfinished dress with some white material draped underneath to show
the contrast.



More pics coming soon!

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