The Lavender Gown

The Lavender Gown was made principally to try out McCall's 4889. I had a rare patch of spare time and I was in the mood to make something out of that beautiful silk and the trim I had lying around and....just because ^^

The pattern works nicely. The dress was done in about one day or two, and the pattern's easy to work with.
I made the dress from a Dupioni silk called 'Pale Lavender' which I had sitting in my desk for quite a while already. The Sleeves are a crinkled polyester / nylon blend with little flowers embroidered on it.

Normally, I don't do any poly stuff but I got this one on discount and it was just so lovely. I wanted to make a top from it, but then I ran out of material for the sleeves of the top, and...yeah, so what? ;-)
I also found a trim that I had bought for embellishments on an elven banner some time ago, but then it fitted the dress so nicely and there it went...

The dress was originally inteded to be worn during my holiday in France where I visited the Lavender fields. Unfortunately, due to the very hot summer in 2007, the lavender was already almost gone when I arrived there, fancy photos as of yet.


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