Franco-romanesque medieval dress (10th century)

A dress that I made for the 2004 Medieval Faire season. It consists of an over- and underdress. The fabric is linnen, basically they're old bedsheets, dyed black and dark blue.

Sleeves and seam are trimmed with faux fur* in grey, mounted on a net for better sewing, but fixing this on the dress was a pain in the ar** ,honestly. I wanted to have this fur trim around the neckline as well, but after spending hours on my sewing machine, cursing and shouting, I quickly gave up on that idea. However, I'm glad now that I did the fur on the sleeves & hem, 'cause it looks really nice and different from other medieval outfits that I have.

The pattern used for this is from a relatively small brand specialized in historically accurate patterns. Until some years ago, these patterns were only sold in medieval / role playing shops or on the markets. The company does have an online shop though now and also ships overseas:

However, the pattern is a dream! It worked out really fine, no alterations needed and no problems whatsoever. The pattern for the underdres would be fantastic for the undergown of Arwen's Rose and Farewell Dresses!

There's a veil going with this that I made also,but it looks a bit stupid with the outfit 'cause I chose the wrong color, so I'm not wearing it with this. It looks a bit like Sophie Marceau's veil in Braveheart...

One day I will make an outfit that the veil can be worn with ;-)
The belt and the bag that I'm wearing on the photo are purchased....

* I try not to use real fur out of ethnic reasons.

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