Costume consists of:
  • Tunic
  • Panties
  • Striped socks
  • Wings
  • Wig
  • Bandana
  • Eyepatch
  • Jewelry
  • Boots
  • Ears

About the only thing I made myself are the wings. The tunic was borrowed from a friend, the panties and socks are purchased, the bandana is borrowed as well....

All in all, the whole costume was thrown together from things I already had or made from scratch. As always, nothing was finished for Elf Fantasy Fair 2007, and I had a lot of ideas but no time and no money for new costumes. The Pirate Pixie was something I came up with at the last moment.

I had this white, short wig that was intended for a snow elf or an ice queen, I had the panties and the socks; the eyepatch, ears and jewelry. So, I think, two days before we left for EFF, I made the wings. Well basically, I didn't make all of the wings, just the cover that goes over the wirework. The wire frame was already there from my green fairy wings that I purchased some years ago from Elveanna at Enchanted Earth (check her out on ebay, I don't think she has a website yet).

The wings are made from black synthetic fabric that falls very softly. The Jack Rackham Jolly Roger (my favorite one) was painted on with white paint for model kits. I then sewed on some horsehair ribbon as tunnels for the wire frame. I'll just have to slip the wings onto the frame and thus I can easily change between several colors, styles etc.

I'm wearing a simple black bandana with the costume, plus some assorted jewelry like the Tia Dalma necklace.

The pirate pixie was much spoken of at Elf Fantasy 2007 ;-)

Pixie and faery friend
Made crash landing. Pixie not pleased.
Pixie luvvs green faery
Pixie walks the plank



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