Sea Elf Dress

This is what I call my "Sea Elf Dress". I have no idea why - the fabrics just remind me of the sea somehow :-)
They are much brighter in reality than here on this photo. The dress is a deep turquoise, and the sleeves
are dyed in a color called "nile green". It was a spontaneous idea to do this dress, as I wanted to try out a new
pattern that I had; and I needed a dress for Mittelerdefest 5. This is the result :-)

Pattern used:

Butterick 4093 , undergown. The only side-seamed costume pattern I know of.

Fabrics Gown:

Silk Crepe de Chine, dyed turquoise. Lined with two layers of china silk in white.


Elf silk (yes, it's really called elf silk!), dyed 'nile green'. Elf silk is 78% silk and 22% rayon/viscose (the "elf" threads are viscose) and can thus be dyed two different colors. I dyed the silk green, while I left the elf threads white to resemble foam upon the crown of a wave (or that's what I thought :blah:).

Elf silk dyed two an example
Embroidery/Beading: Silver/multicolored soutache braid, 'miracle beads' in turquoise, Swarovski bicone 4mm clear crystal AB.

What's still to do: Add another layer of lining as the dress is still very see-through; make and bead an Y-style belt;
add some sequins to the embroidery at the neckline.

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And here are two more pictures of my friends Silke and Verena in her elf dresses and me in the sea elf dress at Mittelerdefest ( © of the first is unknown, if the photographer recognizes it, please be so kind and e-mail me)

The butterfly headdress and Verena's headdress were made by Highland Anvil , Silke's circlet is from Camia's Designs.

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