Here's a bit of trivia about myself, in case anyone's interested (sometimes I do get asked^^).

To contact me: arwen_undomiel at rivendell.zzn dot com

Personal stuff

Nicknames and Aliases

Elavyan >>> Ela
elrond' s daughter >> ED (pronounced E.D. ~ eedee ~ not 'Ed'!)

Born in the year 1979 of the second age


Dark chestnut brown with a slight reddish shimmer


Occupational stuff

Current Occupation
Working as a teacher for History and German at junior high school while preparing
my dissertation on 18th century fashion and its portrayal in films.
(Yay - go me! ^^ I so love this subject!)

I studied Medieval German Language & Literature; Art History (emphasis on
Costume and Fashion History), and Byzantine History at university.

I did my Master in 2006 and have since worked in various places, including an art
gallery, an antiques auction house and

I've had a knack for costumes and fabrics since my earliest childhood, when I spent
my days running around in my aunt's ball gowns (my aunt being a fashion addict as
well), sometimes wearing more than one at once even in the greatest of heats.

I've always loved the sensual experience of touching and looking at textiles as well
as the creative process of developing designs (and realize them, of course) or just
collecting costume pieces.

Nothing has changed over the years, so my hobby turned into passion and lastly
into profession. I am currently writing on a book about 18th century men's fashion and
parallel to my dissertation, I'm attending an additional course to one day become a
textile restaurator.

In the meantime, I own a fairly attractive collection of antique textiles. The emphasis is
on costume pieces and accesories such as lace, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, gloves,
shoes, beads and so on; complete costumes will follow
hopefully though.

Other stuff

Ehmehmerrm...yes. Many.
Amongst them is reading, drawing, photography, travelling, writing, collecting things
(I collect bookmarks, postcards with faery motifs, sea shells, notebooks...yes, the ones to
write into by hand....and lots of other tidbits), doing stuff on the computer, costuming & dressing
up, sewing & handicraft, pick one.

Languages spoken
My native German of course; English, French, Italian, Swedish & Icelandic (a little) and Japanese
(though I really - really - need to practise that last one, believe me. Waka desu ne^^). And I do
know one Hindi and Saudi Arabic phrase each...

Where I'd like to live (fictional)

Rivendell from JRR Tolkien's books
Halloween Town from Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas"
But actually I believe I am living in a Monty Python movie...

Where I'd like to live (real)
The seaside


~ actress:

Other than that: Isabelle Adjani. Monica Bellucci. Liv Tyler. Cate Blanchett. Liz Taylor.

~ actor: Johnny Depp. Jean Reno. Tim Roth. Gary Oldman. Errol Flynn...........

~ kind of music:
Soundtracks. Classical. Metal.

~ smiley:

~ books:
* The Lord of the Rings & The Silmarillion - by JRR Tolkien
* Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
* Memory, Sorrow & Thorn- Trilogy by Tad Williams
* Anything by Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde (though The Importance.... would be my favourite)
* Wraeththu- and Grigori-Trilogy and Burying the Shadow by Storm Constantine
* Rhinegold by Stephan Grundy
* Poems by Charles Baudelaire, William Blake and Georg Trakl

To name but a few...

~ films
There is no really bad film in my opinion, though I prefer the ones that
have period costumes in them.

Due to that attitude, I have a fairly large collection of DVDs ranging from silent movies to science fiction.
Really, almost anything goes.

And, last but not least, absolute No-go's:

Getting no mail
Beverage rests
Shirts with buttons
Getting up early (that is, before noon)
Saxophone music
Cold rooms

My sewing equipment

Some of you might be interested in what equipment I'm using for my costumes and all.

For general sewing work, I use a Singer 764. It's a pretty old machine, about 25 years old or so, but I wouldn't
wanna switch it for one of these new machines with digital displays and stuff...

For Overlock & serging work, pipings, trims and any kind of fancy stuff I use a Pfaff Hobbylock 788. Again, this is a rather old
model, but like my sewing machine, I got it for a good price *and* it's easy to use, with not too many features, but
enough so you can do more 'exotic' things.

All embroidery work is either done by hand or by a Singer Quantum Futura, which isn't mine unfortunately...(prrreciousss!) but
I do have a life long right of usage (or so I do hope...).