Snow Queen
Water Elemental
Pirate Pixie
Pseudo-Grecian Dress
Lavender Dress
 Theatre Gown
Three layered
petal-wing dress
Blue beaded gown
Sea Elf Dress
Concerto Dress
Gothic Dress
White Cape
Brown Elf Dress
Elven leisure dress
"Il Concerto"
Dress for the LotR
Symphony in London
Black Velvet
Gothic Dress
White Cape
Brown Elf Dress


pERecreations of specific movie costumes

Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean


Tortuga Dress

Pirates of the Caribbean

Will Turner
Red Shirt

Pirates of the Caribbean

Undress Uniform

Pirates of the Caribbean

Original Design
Black Pearl Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Teague

Sweeney Todd

Mrs. Lovett



Period projects (authentic techniques)

Franco-roman Dress & Undergown, 10th century
Royal Wedding Dress
German ca. 1475
Tudor Gown

18th Century
sailor Outfit

19th Century
Polonaise Style Bustle DRess

1860's Crinoline
18th Century Paniers
18th Century Pocket Hoops


EStuff that evokes an overall historical sense but is not 100% authentic (in cut, fabric or embellishment)

Blue Renaissance Dress
Green Renaissance DRess


PotC Style
18th Century Dress
Tudor Dress
Fisherman Outfit
for historical Larp
Spanish Pirate c. 1690


French Pirate
Blue Linen Dress
Surcote with side Lacing
Renaissance inspired 'Italian' Gown
Pseudo-'Flemish' Gown
Sideless surcote & Undergown
ca. 1300



Hats, gloves, bags, shoes...

French Hood
Ice Queen Crown
Tricorn Hat
Renaissance 'Rodmilla' Headdress
Blue Renaissance Headdress
Renaissance Slashed & Puffed Hat

'Money Bag'
Pirate Tote
Fabric sample book
Sci-Fi Queen Headdress


pERIOCasual wear, street clothes and all that doesn't fit anywhere else


Striped Skirt
Balloon Skirt
Mermaid Tail

Mini Dress
Stuffed Dragon
Silk Wrap Top
Sleepwear Kimono
Pet Bed

Various Shirts
Pirate Flags
Little Girl's Fairy Dress
Girl's Fairy Dress

Girl's Princess Dress

Ugly Pillow


pERIOWhat's still on my mind to make one day...