Some random observations about 'The Duchess' costumes....

Four new pics

Thanks to the postcard scans by Elizabeth Hanbury, we can now identify the second-to-last gown and the honey gown from the
picture with the two dresses.

© National Trust Photo Library, photos by Andy Tryner, scans with kind permission by Elizabeth Hanbury.

The first picture shows a dress that was cut from the movie; the second one is the 'Drunken' dress she wears in the scene when her
hair catches fire.

Now, the third one is clearly the "First Dinner" gown:

The trimmings on both stomacher and skirt are very much the same as in the postcard. Also, the necktie looks to be the same, as well as the lace engageantes
and the fabric. So I'm pretty sure the postcard shows the "First Dinner" dress.

It's a beautiful gown with so much detail to it - a pity we don't see more of it. I was already sure about the identification when these exhibition
pics appeared over at costumersguide, but the postcard is a nice confirmation :-)

Pictures taken by Jema at Kedlestone Hall.

You can see the raised horizontal stripes of the fabric in the second pic, they are also clearly visible on the postcard and the screencaps, as is the jewelled
purple stomacher (which appears to be velvet?).


The honey colored dress to the left belongs to Georgiana's mother:

In the film, it looks more brown or peach, but the distinctive bow and brooch on the stomacher as well as the meandering ruched trim on the skirt clearly make
this the same dress.

There are some exhibition pics from Jema, too:

Perhaps there may be a chance that the pink gown next to it is actually this travelling gown:

We don't see enough of the travelling gown to be sure though. The ruched trim looks like a match and I *think* I can see the small flowers
there, but I'm not 100% sure. There are exhibit pics of the pink gown on the postcard as well:

I think I recognize the little chenille roses trim in the screencaps, and also the white ruched trim (chemise?) that peeks out, but other than that, we can
only guess.


Next, I came across some Duchess pics that I've never seen before. I may be wrong, but I checked my whole archive and I couldn't find
these anywhere. The last one is a high-res pic.

(Found at

The last one is apparently of the "White" dress which seems to have been cut from the movie and of which only two other
small promo pics exist plus a couple of BTS shots (with a different hat and a fichu covering the cleavage).


Finally, here are some more exhibit pics that I found on the net.

The first set was taken by Ellie from Elliefants Delights, also a very cool blog and online store that you should check out.

Ellie took these pics at a small exhibition at the 'Creative Stitches and Craft' Fair at Cardiff in October 2009. The exhibit included the Pregnancy Outfit,
the Purple Ball Gown (also a favourite of mine), one of William's suits, a brown/gold dress worn by Bess,
and Georgiana's mother's dark pink and gold

Purple Ball Gown
Purple Ball Gown
Georgiana's mother

The next pics are courtesy of Stella, glamhag on Flickr. She took them in Westpoint, Exeter also during the Creative Stitches exhibition.
In her pics appears an additional
unidentified yellow brocade Georgiana gown with a lovely bergère hat and quilted petticoat that is not there in Ellie's pics,
but I suppose that since the dresses were shown at two events of the same name, there were also the same gowns in each.

There are high-res versions available in Stella's photostream on Flickr.

The yellow dress is particularly lovely - pity we don't see much of it in the movie :-(

Actually, the rose choker is worn in the scene when little Charlotte is introduced. Georgiana wears a yellow pregnancy gown with a lacing (which, after decent
comparison, I found not to be identical with the one above), the rose choker and a yellow quilted petticoat which might or might not be the same (I don't think so
as I can see sun motifs on the movie one that are not there on this one, but who knows...). The rose choker is the same though.


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